Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Shark Adventure: How To Find Shark Teeth At The Beach

You can find shark teeth at the beach or in the deep dark ocean, and when we were on vacation we found shark teeth at the beach. The shark teeth belonged to  dead sharks, so they are fossilized shark teeth, which is why they are black.The shark teeth we found were at Manasota Beach in Southwest Florida just south of Venice Beach.I like the way the shark teeth look, and I think it was an awesome shark adventure.

black shark teeth

   Things You Need To Find Shark Teeth

  1. Bucket
  2. Water
  3. Net

shark teeth on the beach

How To Find Shark Teeth At The Beach
  1. Scoop a bunch of sand on steep slope where the beach ends.
  2. Put the sand on the ground
  3. Put the water on the sand
  4. Wait for the water to dry up
  5. Look carefully for shark teeth
  6. The shark teeth are black (see photo above)

how to find shark teeth

I wrote this to teach people how they can find shark teeth at the beach, so they do not have to buy shark teeth.

By Sharkboy  8 Years Old

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