Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goblin street part 2:THE KING

                                                        part 2

                               Rick and Sam heard a yell for help, so Rick and Sam pulled the rope. There appeared Jack. Sprawled, and then fear swept over Rick. Jack was like a stone , then he moved , there in his eyes ... was red glowing eyes. The goblin was in him , eating his fear. 
        It struck Rick like lighting that he had the  no- goblin - poison. There was no chose, but Rick spread it over him. So Jack opened his eyes. And was now staring at us, with his blue eyes normal again.

                      In addition, Jack started to whisper " I heard his ... thoughts ". " What did he say" asked Sam. Jack answered softly "He said [we're here to get you]". The weird part was , when he said it."Wait a minute ... that means that the goblin king is here".      Thought Rick. In the tunnels .... somewhere.
             But that was not the worse part, there were growls , echoing ... goblin growls.In no time Rick and his fellow friends were to be escorted, from deadly spears to the income ...goblin king.

               SEE MORE...... NEXT TIME
   REMEMBER TELL YOUR FRIENDS !         My series were inspired by the... one ...... and only .... R.L.STINE!!


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