Thursday, April 17, 2014

goblin street part 3 short end

                  As we were about to enter ,the king's room . I knew we were in big trouble.Big trouble,but you see the guards didn't know we were wizards. So when we entered the king's room we started to fire magic spells.
                   Next time, the three of us battle we'll be ready.

          PART 4 IS NEXT...............

perodic table no

                        water-is  a part of water. Hydrogen and oxygen. Yes, water has O2 , which is air . If you look with a electric - micro telescope. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goblin street part 2:THE KING

                                                        part 2

                               Rick and Sam heard a yell for help, so Rick and Sam pulled the rope. There appeared Jack. Sprawled, and then fear swept over Rick. Jack was like a stone , then he moved , there in his eyes ... was red glowing eyes. The goblin was in him , eating his fear. 
        It struck Rick like lighting that he had the  no- goblin - poison. There was no chose, but Rick spread it over him. So Jack opened his eyes. And was now staring at us, with his blue eyes normal again.